I’m extremely nervous when seeing dentists, what options are available?

We’re here to help! Dr. Sam and all of our staff are known for being gentle and creating a calming presence. However, if this is not enough, we do also offer prescription oral sedation and/or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) if you would like.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to allow time for filling out new patient information, transferring of records if needed, and bring the following: Insurance card(s), list of current prescription and over the counter medication, doctors orders if any, and most importantly, peace of mind.

How can I get my records transferred?

If you have been to another dental office in the past, we can request for the X-rays to be transferred with your signed consent. Depending on the other dental office, this process could take minutes or days, please stop by our office prior to your appointment day if this is a concern.

How much does a crown/filling/cleaning session cost?

The dentist/dental hygienist needs to examine each case in order to determine what exact treatments are needed prior to giving out any cost estimates. For example, the cost for fillings vary depending on the number of surfaces and the tooth. Therefore dental clinics could not give out accurate cost estimates over the phone. We are happy to schedule an appointment to go over the procedure and all costs to ensure you understand your options and are comfortable before moving forward with treatment.

Am I too old to get braces?

When it comes to braces, you’re not as old as you think you are! More patients go through orthodontic treatments way past their teenage years, and if this is something you’re considering, our dentist is able to examine your case comprehensively and layout realistic treatment plans and expectations for you.

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